Masoud & Afsaneh 

We moved from Saskatchewan to Toronto in 2015 into a cramped rental condo. A friend talked us into buying a house, so we talked to some realtors, but they all said that with the kind of budget we had, and the crazy 2020 market, chances are slim. So, it was quite a put down but the same friend Introduced Mohammad. Right of the bat Mohammad knowing how stressed we were told us to be optimistic and gave us hope, and boy did it pay off. In the couple of weeks of viewings, we spotted our dream house in Newmarket that with some teaks here and there, it matched our pocket. A beautiful house spacious enough for me and my wife and the two daughters.

Finally, we moved happily into our new home having no fear of any rent increases or the need to move out because of the owner needing his place. We even got a dog (Charlie) that has become part of our family roaming happily in our spacious backyard where we have our frequent summer barbeque parties.

Mohammad is an optimist, go getter. Sheds the lights of hope from the get-go with no empty promises, Seems NO is not an option in his book. Thank you, Mohammad.

Masoud and Afsaneh

Mehran & Parvish

Mohammad listens to what you want. In the many viewings me and my wife had for buying a house he was so patient and made informative suggestions giving us all pros and cons for each case. He by no means is pushy and in fact emphasizes that we make our own decision based on all facts and our criteria putting us at ease in the process.  Eventually we bought a beautiful and spacious house three years ago. We referred him to many of our friends who wanted to buy a house and they too made their purchase through him with total satisfaction thanking us for referring him. He changed my viewpoint toward realtors. He is knowledgeable, up to date on the market, punctual, detail oriented and most importantly honest. Mehran & Parivash


"Mohammad is an expert in his field. He is very honest, hard-working, and a great negotiator. And to me, that counts as a very good realtor. He went above and beyond to help out with my inquiries and to me, he is more than just an agent. He has become my good friend and I am glad to get to know him throughout my journey to buy my dream house. I would definitely recommend working with him and I am very sure that I will be working with him again in the future as well." Regards, Ben


"Buying and finding a property at the top of the market is not an easy task.. Mohammad is very professional as well as personal…...
My stresses were high as (all) my criteria needed to be met. Mohammad is not only a fantastic realtor, but he is also an excellent support system.....
ANYTIME there was a property I wanted to see Mohammad moved fast as properties were flying off the market. He negotiated and helped me to obtain the property of my dreams, working hard to make sure things on deal like prices and dates were fair. Mohammad is amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a property such as residential, commercial and industrial , you won’t regret it."